Saturday, March 21, 2009

To The Moon...

And so it seems this Etsy thing is taking off. I've already sold 5 items including both sock monkeys (who knew?) and one of the made-to-order peas in a pod. This thing might actually work - knock on wood. I developed two more new patterns in the last few days... I seem to be on a pattern writing roll. One is for some rather adorable popsicles that I've already listed:
Look - he has a real popsicle stick!
His adorableness is actually overwhelming at times. It's turning me into a bit of a sap really. Just looking at him, I feel myself melting into butter and fighting the urge to squeal. Sad - I know.
The other pattern is for a crocheted owl. It seems, as I've looked around Etsy, that every self-respecting amigurumi seller has an owl or an owl pattern listed. I've had the urge to make one for some time but wanted to do something completely different and completely me. As such, I've paired a unique shape with with some kitschy colors and ::poof:: my perfect owl is born. I made a bit of a flock of them today and I should be posting them tomorrow.
Now that I got my shipment of 50 pairs of safety eyes in, there's nothing holding me back. I feel like a woman on a mission, determined to make the best go of this as I possibly can, not to be held back by disappointing business cards and sleep deprivation... seriously, don't get me started on the business cards, they're a nightmare.. but we're moving on.
In more personal news, I'm going to be taking a hiatus from people for the next week - I've turned my cell off and I'm not checking my facebook. This is a crucial time for me... I have a shop to stock up and coral branches to finish and I don't have time to let people rain all over my creative process parade. Which means, in a nutshell, that seven days of intense sewing, crocheting, and Boston Legal watching are in my future.. and, frankly, I'm really looking forward to it. I could use a break from the drama for a few days.

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