Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's all down hill.. er.. down river from here.

They're here.....

Or at least I am, for the moment. Vacation was fabulous and, surprisingly, hurricane-free (with the exception of Bill, of course, who we seemed to just miss.. funny how those things work out).

School begins for me in a week. I have an orientation on Saturday and one again on Monday which includes a picnic and alot of implied bonding time with my peers, who happen to be a year younger than me and, according to USA TODAY, completely oblivious to history and culture before MTV and the Internet (big suprise), but, I digress... Things are going to start getting crazy around here (yes, crazier than they already are) and I have alot to begin, finish, and fiddle around with in a very short period of time. The Tom Baker Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf, finished size: 10'10" long, 10 1/2 inches wide, has a due date in mid-October. My Swap Partner's multiple goodies all need to be birthed and sent by October 9th. Oh.. and did I mention I have yet to finish and type up the Halloween Patterns for my shop? The last one should be done, all ends tucked and snipped, by tonight, and then I'm hoping to get them all posted very, with a capital "Hurry Up!," soon. So many babies, so little time.

I wish I had pictures of the completed Kitschy Halloween projects to show you all, but I'll get them added to the post later. I will be running a "Purchase a Halloween Pattern, Get $1.00 Off Any Other Pattern" Sale so keep checking back here for dates. In the mean time, wish me luck, the seas are going to get choppy, there are pleanty of sharks in the water, and, here I am, trapped in a skiff without Starbucks. Oi.

By the way.. Who wants to buy this for me? ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Actually Going on Vaca This Time!

Isn't it exciting?! Every year, for about 5 years now, my Father and I have driven down to Florida and spent a few days in Disney World. I always look forward to it, and it's always fun.. well, as much fun as anything can be when you stick two people who are too much alike in a car for 8 to 10 hours a day. The one saving grace of the whole trip is that the two of us have the same attitude about Disney World - there's no rush - which means when we get there (if we manage to get there without maiming each other) we take our time, go on the same rides a billion times because, really, it's impossible to go on Haunted Mansion too many times, and eat our way through each park. I'm about 5 pounds heavier by the time we get back, but, remarkably, not a bit tanner. ::shrug::

I'm leaving tomorrow and won't return until the 23rd of August. I will have a computer with me, but only for weather checking purposes and making sure I keep in touch with my Craftster Swap Partner - don't want her to think I disappeared on her, especially now that I actually have viable ideas! [I'll give you a hint: It has to do with this tutorial, a cryptozoological creature, and granny squares. I know, I know, it doesn't mean anything to you, but to me, it's a million dollar idea - Trust Me. ;) ] The only thing I regret about this trip is that I'm going to miss my daily Golden Girls fix. I suppose I'll have to start getting used to it, college stops for no Bea Arthur fan! Unfortunately..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Hot and Sticky Out and I don't approve.

It's Tuesday? Really.. Jeeze. Where does the time go? This last week seemed to slip right by me, which, I must admit, is mildly disturbing. I'm having lunch with a close friend of mine today, who I have lunch with every Tuesday, and it seems like I was just sitting across a table from him yesterday! I don't know, I guess I've been so busy, time just melted away.

It was my birthday on Sunday! Happy Birthday to me - I'm officially the ripe old age of 19! I went on a mini-shopping spree at Anthropologie and got a few beautiful, cuddly sweaters to pump up my winter wardrobe and went for lunch with my Father at this fantastic fish restaurant in Princeton. The day before, I spent with my Mother, watching old episodes of Hercules:The Legendary Journeys and drinking way too much punch. It was a fabulous birthday, and, frankly, I don't know how I got to be so lucky.

I also managed to get some crocheting done, shocking as that is. I finished the Whale I'm going to be swapping for one of SquidHead's Octopussys. So Cute right? ::squee:: I can't wait!

I also finished a Custom Order for CupcakeInferno. A Strawberry & French Vanilla Ice Cream Cone and a Strawberry Cupcake:It's hard to not love the two of them together - they're like a match made in crocheted dessert heaven.

And I'm not finished yet. I have a Doctor Who Scarf that needs to be done by Mid-October that's going to make me a good bit of money (Check out the one I made for myself here) and I'm also doing a Craftster Swap, a massive Craftster Swap, that ends October 9th. Did I also mention I have Halloween Crochet Patterns that need to be finished and tested so they can go in the shop soon? Oh. and College starts in less than a month. Why, yes, I did bite off more than I can chew. But that's why I'm a rockstar.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Monday and I think we all need a laugh

I leaf through a lot of crocheted toys, patterns, and the like so to see something that not only suprises me but makes me laugh, is as shocking as it is delightful. SquidHead runs an adorable little Etsy shop full of crocheted octopus plushies that I am completely in love with. And, perhaps because I have a bit of a screw loose myself, her Octopussy is, by far, my favorite. Now before you all run off screaming things like "That's so lewd!" and "I'm reporting you to the Better Business Bureau!" take a moment to appreciate not only the humor but the creative genius behind this little baby.I mean, c'mon, if that doesn't tickle your funny bone, you're either dead or a Televangelist.

So, in conclusion, I think you should all wander over to her Shop, check her out on Flickr, or just go buy something for Christ's sake because she's obviously fabulous.

[Update!: SquidHead and I have agreed to swap a custom Moby Pete plush for an Octopussy! ::squee:: I feel like a little kid on Christmas!]