Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Monday and I think we all need a laugh

I leaf through a lot of crocheted toys, patterns, and the like so to see something that not only suprises me but makes me laugh, is as shocking as it is delightful. SquidHead runs an adorable little Etsy shop full of crocheted octopus plushies that I am completely in love with. And, perhaps because I have a bit of a screw loose myself, her Octopussy is, by far, my favorite. Now before you all run off screaming things like "That's so lewd!" and "I'm reporting you to the Better Business Bureau!" take a moment to appreciate not only the humor but the creative genius behind this little baby.I mean, c'mon, if that doesn't tickle your funny bone, you're either dead or a Televangelist.

So, in conclusion, I think you should all wander over to her Shop, check her out on Flickr, or just go buy something for Christ's sake because she's obviously fabulous.

[Update!: SquidHead and I have agreed to swap a custom Moby Pete plush for an Octopussy! ::squee:: I feel like a little kid on Christmas!]


  1. How charming hehe. I really want one but I lack the funds. -Sigh- It's these sorts of things that could give me amusement for ever.

    Holly x

  2. First, sorry I have been such a neglectful blog friend lately, but I am back!! Assuming of course that you missed me!

    OMG!! I am so laughing my a$$ off!! My husband and daughter are staring at me... I too must have a screw or two loose, cause I think Octopussy is adorable!

    ~Michele from By Your Side