Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grr.. a Snafoo!

I don't think I've ever used that word before in my life, but I think this instance officially qualifies. Remember that picture a few posts back of all those legs and the mouth part (you know, the crocheted kracken that was supposed to be my follow-up Mortal Plush submission that I never finished and we're not talking about?) We'll I picked it back up again yesterday and managed to make a pretty damn good dent in it.

The head is going to be built back (you can see it starting to form on the top of the photo) and I was seriously on a roll when I realized the safety eyes I had lying around that I figured would be big and menacing enough... weren't. Ugh. I know. Trust me, I know.

So, in a fit of panic/rage I ordered these which are absolutely perfect from EnamiEyes. (I'm totally plugging her shop because her selection is fabulous! Go check it out, you know, if you happen to be making any oversized sea beasties that need eyeballs in the near future...)

In a way I'm happy the ones I had didn't fit because the new eyes are too uber-fab for words, but I really want to finish the damn thing.. I feel bad having left it practically eviscerated for so long.

For now, I suppose, I'll just have to keep bouncing along onto another project.. I'm definitely going to do a free pattern in July in honor of Bastille Day and I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be.. I'll leave you with that.. ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Carry On My Wayward Son..

Before you all say anything, I won't accept any flack for the Kansas-inspired title of this entry so get over it.. and if you're really having issues with it, just think about it this way, I could have used "Dust in the Wind"..... Yeah. Now don't you love my title? ;)

This last week has been a busy and totally exciting one. Of course there were moments when all I could think about was the loss of my friend, but that's the way it goes. His memorial service was the weekend before last and seeing all the people that were such a huge part of his life and reminiscing with them made him seem so alive, as if he was going to just walk through the door any minute and call us all "dumb fucks" for actually buying into his ridiculous prank. It's the moments when I remind myself that he's never going to walk through that door again that are the hardest to get through, but that's when you put your nose to the grindstone and crochet through it. And, remember, I did say it was an exciting week, so bear with me here.

Tuesday I found out Ginger (my tri-headed hydra plush toy) had been accepted into the Mortal Plush show! I'll be sending her out tomorrow as soon as I decide on a price.. I have two consignment forms sitting here with two different prices, we'll see which one I end up sending.

And, in more super exciting news, there are three new crochet patterns for sale in the shop:
Siamese Cherries, double the trouble
Mr. & Mrs. Mushroom Secret Keepers
Cinnamon Bun with Extra Frosting
You can find them here in my Etsy shop! Aren't they adorable? I absolutely love selling patterns.. if only because I get to keep whatever I make. (I know it's awful, but I'm terribly greedy when it comes to adorable crocheted food)
I got my shipment of 200 9mm safety eyes in today so that means a chance for 100 new crocheted babies!... Hmm.. Now that I acctually see that number on paper, I think I'm going to need some more shelves... Oh dear. I'm going to go have some oatmeal, that always makes me feel better.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Uncle Sam Firecracker

Who doesn't want to crochet up something adorable for 4th of July? I know I did, which is how the Uncle Sam Firecracker was born! I've decided to share this pattern and I hope you all enjoy making it as much as I did!
The finished product measures about 4 1/2 inches high from its bottom to the top of its hat. You can access the PDF pattern here.

Enjoy! [and tell all your friends ;) ]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To all of my Readers and Friends..

I'm just going to come out and say it - these last few weeks have brought about some trying times. The shop seems to be failing and I'm barely squeezing out new ideas... I've been trying to bring new life into this blog by starting the "Fab Finds Friday" entries, but I honestly can't do it anymore. A few months ago a very dear friend of my family was diagnosed with Cancer. The doctors said it was curable, that they could save his life. He received the best treatment and the most qualified specialists.. and it did absolutely nothing. The Cancer migrated to his brain and took up home there, growing until he couldn't even recognize his husband, the man that had loved and cared for him for many years. He died last Thursday.

I want to keep the shop up and running, but the gimmicks have to go. No more "Fab Finds Friday," no more spending hours a day on Twitter - I'll be around, but for the next few weeks, until I can get my head in a better place, I won't be living on the computer. In the next few days, I'll be posting some new patterns for sale in the shop and I hope that does the trick, if not, honestly, life is way too short to worry about it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday already? Really? Oh well.. Lets see some Fleamarket Finds!

Sheesh.. how can it be Friday already? It's been one of those odd weeks where I've been trying to get alot accomplished but I seem to be moving in slow motion, like I'm stuck in Jell-o. It's very frustrating. I have a few new patterns I'm going to be posting in the shop by the end of next week which I'm hoping will bring in some sales.

On a happier note, last Saturday was the Spring Fleamarket in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. For those of you who may not know (which is probably everyone) Ocean Grove is a small historic district on the coast of New Jersey between Asbury Park and Bradley Beach. My Grandparents have one of the historic tent-houses and I've spent my summers there from the time I was a wee little one. There are two fleamarkets during the season, one in the spring and one in the fall, and they are both absolutely fab. Here are the highlights of my purchases:

A super old bread box that is currently holding my panties (odd, yes. practical, yes again)

Vintage DMC and Coats & Clark Embroidery books.. all the pages are still there, including the transfer patterns.. Can you believe DMC acctually has a pattern for you to cross stitch a zebra?

Some Tunisian Crochet hooks (which I was so excited about! I can't find any in my local craft stores) and wooden knitting needles.

How is this chenille blanket not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? It's double bed sized and has that great ruffle around the bottom. It's so kitschy and completely irresistable! I simply couldn't leave it there.

It was a really wonderful day.. I only hope this weekend will be just as nice (although judging by the weather, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell of that).