Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grr.. a Snafoo!

I don't think I've ever used that word before in my life, but I think this instance officially qualifies. Remember that picture a few posts back of all those legs and the mouth part (you know, the crocheted kracken that was supposed to be my follow-up Mortal Plush submission that I never finished and we're not talking about?) We'll I picked it back up again yesterday and managed to make a pretty damn good dent in it.

The head is going to be built back (you can see it starting to form on the top of the photo) and I was seriously on a roll when I realized the safety eyes I had lying around that I figured would be big and menacing enough... weren't. Ugh. I know. Trust me, I know.

So, in a fit of panic/rage I ordered these which are absolutely perfect from EnamiEyes. (I'm totally plugging her shop because her selection is fabulous! Go check it out, you know, if you happen to be making any oversized sea beasties that need eyeballs in the near future...)

In a way I'm happy the ones I had didn't fit because the new eyes are too uber-fab for words, but I really want to finish the damn thing.. I feel bad having left it practically eviscerated for so long.

For now, I suppose, I'll just have to keep bouncing along onto another project.. I'm definitely going to do a free pattern in July in honor of Bastille Day and I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be.. I'll leave you with that.. ;)


  1. Wow, it's coming along great! I love the pink tentacle suction cups. :)

  2. Too cute!! I can't wait to see him/her when it's done!