Monday, July 6, 2009

It is Monday, right?

I swear, days have been running together lately.. I hardly know whether I'm coming or going!

Ginger was delivered last Thursday to the Art Whino gallery along with her consignment form. I believe I made the right decision as far as the price is concerned so we'll see if she has any takers!

I also finished a new crochet pattern over the weekend that will be posted in the shop tomorrow!

"Peanut Butter" Get it? I know it's corny, but in a "Wow, that's totally adorable and I need it!" kind of way. I also have a couple of other patterns in the works.. and that's always fun!

We'll see where the rest of the week leads.



  1. TOO CUTE!! Your creativity amazes me!
    ~Michele fron By Your Side