Monday, July 20, 2009

The Shop's Going on Vacation.. unfortunately, I'm not.

So the shop is going on vacation today until next Tuesday, July 28th... exciting, right? This is the part where you try to figure out what exotic place I'll be basking in for the next week, what unforgiving mountain side I'll be daring to climb, what untamed jungle I'll be battling my way through with nothing but a bottle of Pellegrino and a Machete... Ocean Grove, New Jersey, kids. (By the by, you can all breathe that collective sigh of relief now that you know no one was stupid enough to give me something sharper than a butter knife or leave me alone in a jungle)

The Ocean Grove Ladies Auxiliary Bazaar is this coming Friday and Saturday and I've been helping out since I was a wee little one, selling things at my own 5 and dime table. Now, I've been promoted to the uber-glamorous job of selling and packing dishes and will be spending my week setting the tables up, moving boxes (since I'm the only one there not eligible for an AARP card and therefore the only one that can move anything), selling, moving more boxes, battling rogue insects, and packing up people's purchases. It's a grueling week and by the time I get to Sunday, I always feel as if I've trekked up the side of Everest or just survived a bout of some exotic disease. Since an internet hub is a bit hard to track down in God's Square Mile (yes, that is Ocean Grove's nickname. And, yes, I know what you're thinking, I can't believe they haven't chased me out of town with pitchforks yet either) I've decided to put the shop on vaca, develop a few new patterns, and post them beginning next Tuesday when I'll be feeling a little bit less like I'm going to die.

So wish me luck, all.. I'm going to need it.

Oh.. and did I mention that all members of the Ladies Auxiliary are required to wear the official red Ladies Auxiliary shirts - at all times? Oh yes.

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