Thursday, July 30, 2009

I thought I made it very clear I was hiding in a corner this week.. hrumph!

Yay! It's officially Friday! Bring on the It's-a-fabulous-friday-let's-go-crazy, fruity, girly drinks and Golden Girls marathon that always accompany the end of the week bliss, or at least, should accompany said end of the week bliss, especially after a week like this one has been. No matter how hard I tried to hide under my desk underneath tons of wrinkly old blankets and eat my cookies and wallow in miserable Etsy failure in peace, something always seemed to come up, to require attention, or to bump up against me like a Shark trolling for food (okay, that last one was the cat). Now it's finally Friday and I can take really and truly take a deep breath.. or lots of shallow ones. Quantity over Quality really isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

I know I should be sleeping but I'm too busy now making a list of things to do tomorrow. I had the rather unfortunate luck of running into my own doorframe in my kitchen tonight and I'm now sporting a rather fashionable bruise on my right hand. Black and Blue is all the rage. Trust me, you heard it here first. I really should give my hand at least 4 days minimum before I jump back on the crocheting train but I know my head will simply explode with boredom in that time so I'm giving it till Saturday and then I'm picking up the next project. Period. Anyway, this entire round-about anecdote (eerily reminiscent of one of my Grandmother's lengthy, strung-out stories to the point that I'm almost uncomfortable) was to explain why I'm fervently list-making: I have a free day tomorrow to do all of the little things that have been piling up of late... I can organize my new index cards, clean my desk, pot some Spider plant babies, tend to a rather ornery Snake Plant [AN: I didn't realize until just now how many of my plants are named after creepy things in the Animal Kingdom and I don't think I want to really read too much into it], take a yarn inventory, mend some vintage blankets and, of course, watch some Golden Girls. Oh, and even though I'm poor, perhaps I'll splurge and treat myself to this shirt.. Crazy Dog Tshirts has it for a semi-reasonable price.. Then again.. maybe I'll just continue to oogle it for a while. You have to admit though, it's pretty damn snazzy. Ooo.. I can just see it under a Cardigan!
And, yes, I secretly am an old lady. That's why cats like me so much.

Maybe I'll make that shirt my treat when I complete my first custom crochet order.. which, (cross your fingers) if it works out, will be quite a substantial amount of work along with quite a substantial amount of money. That shirt can be my pie in the sky! Mmm. Pie.

Anyway, my list is done, my hand is iced, and I'm off to sleep. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Oh, and as an aside, if you do decide to check out Crazy Dog Tshirts, be sure to check out the Halloween Costume page. I hate to say it but, as usual, Jim Gaffigan is right, Halloween is just an excuse for grown women to dress like sluts.. I nearly choked on my water (yes, I'm off the DoubleShots) when I saw the Strawberry Shortcake costume.. Yikes! Holy Hooker, Batman! (and don't even get me started on Ghostbusters Girl...)

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