Monday, June 29, 2009

Carry On My Wayward Son..

Before you all say anything, I won't accept any flack for the Kansas-inspired title of this entry so get over it.. and if you're really having issues with it, just think about it this way, I could have used "Dust in the Wind"..... Yeah. Now don't you love my title? ;)

This last week has been a busy and totally exciting one. Of course there were moments when all I could think about was the loss of my friend, but that's the way it goes. His memorial service was the weekend before last and seeing all the people that were such a huge part of his life and reminiscing with them made him seem so alive, as if he was going to just walk through the door any minute and call us all "dumb fucks" for actually buying into his ridiculous prank. It's the moments when I remind myself that he's never going to walk through that door again that are the hardest to get through, but that's when you put your nose to the grindstone and crochet through it. And, remember, I did say it was an exciting week, so bear with me here.

Tuesday I found out Ginger (my tri-headed hydra plush toy) had been accepted into the Mortal Plush show! I'll be sending her out tomorrow as soon as I decide on a price.. I have two consignment forms sitting here with two different prices, we'll see which one I end up sending.

And, in more super exciting news, there are three new crochet patterns for sale in the shop:
Siamese Cherries, double the trouble
Mr. & Mrs. Mushroom Secret Keepers
Cinnamon Bun with Extra Frosting
You can find them here in my Etsy shop! Aren't they adorable? I absolutely love selling patterns.. if only because I get to keep whatever I make. (I know it's awful, but I'm terribly greedy when it comes to adorable crocheted food)
I got my shipment of 200 9mm safety eyes in today so that means a chance for 100 new crocheted babies!... Hmm.. Now that I acctually see that number on paper, I think I'm going to need some more shelves... Oh dear. I'm going to go have some oatmeal, that always makes me feel better.


  1. I can't begin to decide which pattern is cuter?? All I really know is that I wish I knew how to crochet! Congrats on Ginger! I am glad you seem to be doing somewhat better, when I lost my friend, sometime ago, it was a really hard time. Though I still miss her, a lot, I can remember her with a smile and even a laugh and as strange as others may think I still talk to her - she is still alive in me.

  2. Those cherries are seriously cute! Makes me wanna learn to crochet!