Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's all down hill.. er.. down river from here.

They're here.....

Or at least I am, for the moment. Vacation was fabulous and, surprisingly, hurricane-free (with the exception of Bill, of course, who we seemed to just miss.. funny how those things work out).

School begins for me in a week. I have an orientation on Saturday and one again on Monday which includes a picnic and alot of implied bonding time with my peers, who happen to be a year younger than me and, according to USA TODAY, completely oblivious to history and culture before MTV and the Internet (big suprise), but, I digress... Things are going to start getting crazy around here (yes, crazier than they already are) and I have alot to begin, finish, and fiddle around with in a very short period of time. The Tom Baker Season 12 Doctor Who Scarf, finished size: 10'10" long, 10 1/2 inches wide, has a due date in mid-October. My Swap Partner's multiple goodies all need to be birthed and sent by October 9th. Oh.. and did I mention I have yet to finish and type up the Halloween Patterns for my shop? The last one should be done, all ends tucked and snipped, by tonight, and then I'm hoping to get them all posted very, with a capital "Hurry Up!," soon. So many babies, so little time.

I wish I had pictures of the completed Kitschy Halloween projects to show you all, but I'll get them added to the post later. I will be running a "Purchase a Halloween Pattern, Get $1.00 Off Any Other Pattern" Sale so keep checking back here for dates. In the mean time, wish me luck, the seas are going to get choppy, there are pleanty of sharks in the water, and, here I am, trapped in a skiff without Starbucks. Oi.

By the way.. Who wants to buy this for me? ;)

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