Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Hot and Sticky Out and I don't approve.

It's Tuesday? Really.. Jeeze. Where does the time go? This last week seemed to slip right by me, which, I must admit, is mildly disturbing. I'm having lunch with a close friend of mine today, who I have lunch with every Tuesday, and it seems like I was just sitting across a table from him yesterday! I don't know, I guess I've been so busy, time just melted away.

It was my birthday on Sunday! Happy Birthday to me - I'm officially the ripe old age of 19! I went on a mini-shopping spree at Anthropologie and got a few beautiful, cuddly sweaters to pump up my winter wardrobe and went for lunch with my Father at this fantastic fish restaurant in Princeton. The day before, I spent with my Mother, watching old episodes of Hercules:The Legendary Journeys and drinking way too much punch. It was a fabulous birthday, and, frankly, I don't know how I got to be so lucky.

I also managed to get some crocheting done, shocking as that is. I finished the Whale I'm going to be swapping for one of SquidHead's Octopussys. So Cute right? ::squee:: I can't wait!

I also finished a Custom Order for CupcakeInferno. A Strawberry & French Vanilla Ice Cream Cone and a Strawberry Cupcake:It's hard to not love the two of them together - they're like a match made in crocheted dessert heaven.

And I'm not finished yet. I have a Doctor Who Scarf that needs to be done by Mid-October that's going to make me a good bit of money (Check out the one I made for myself here) and I'm also doing a Craftster Swap, a massive Craftster Swap, that ends October 9th. Did I also mention I have Halloween Crochet Patterns that need to be finished and tested so they can go in the shop soon? Oh. and College starts in less than a month. Why, yes, I did bite off more than I can chew. But that's why I'm a rockstar.


  1. Tilli, to have such inspiration and talent as you when I was 19. I just had dreams and it took me a while to put them into reality. You are already there. I love your Moby Whale.