Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is this a joke?

I seem to be asking myself that a lot in the last few days.

The first incident occurred around 4pm yesterday while I was watching a Stargate:Atlantis episode I had recorded from earlier in the day. The whole episode, entitled "Sunday," started out so innocent and funny with Col. Sheppard trying to teach Ronon to golf and Dr. Weir going on a date and just when you think it couldn't get any better.... they go and kill off Dr. Beckett. Pan camera left and there I am standing with my mouth open crying like a baby and trying to convince myself that yes, this is real and no, you're never going to see Carson's amazing faux-hawk again. And, yes, it was amazing. Granted the show was a re-run and I "knew" he died, I didn't think it would be in such a senseless, unnecessary way. Ugh.

The most recent incident occurred only a few minutes ago (I mean it people.. this is like the Oscars - live, but with about a 5 minute delay) when I realized that my "Everyone my own age that I meet either wants to date me or be me" theory isn't just egotistical nonsense and does have some basis in fact. I wish I could go into more detail but I'm afraid if I do I'll end up being edited for content by the network - you're just going to have to trust me on this one. It's a shame certain people couldn't have an original idea if it beat them senseless over the head with a sign that says "Hey, fucko, I'm an original idea."

And you know, it amazes even me that while putting aside the loss that is Carson Beckett, I managed to get everything done that I wanted to including finishing the illusive Hydra plush toy.

I also finished all of my Etsy stock. Yes, I said all of it ladies and gents. Prepare to be amazed... like tomorrow or Saturday. Right now I need some sleep.. well, first I need to stop being completely enraged by everything, then I can try sleeping... Pictures of the Hydra to follow tomorrow along with some tantalizing snapshots of Etsy items before they're posted... until then, here's a picture of my beloved Carson to hold you over.


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