Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a Weekend!

So this had to have been one of the best Fourth of July celebrations ever. I ended up going down to Ocean Grove, where my Grandparents have their beach house, on Friday and I stayed until Sunday night. I got to spend a good chunk of it with Boyfriend, Asbury Park had the most amazing fireworks display and the cupcakes were a hit!

Grandpy even liked them! (Thankfully, more than he liked me taking a picture of him!) The patriotic striping came out great and Walmart had those adorable picks on sale when I went on Thursday. The shock of my life was when I found out those baby pinwheels actually spin! The only downside to the cupcakes was that they were rather crumbly (probably due to the copious amounts of frosting weighing down on the delicate cake) but they were still uber-tasty and I simply couldn't resist putting that pom-pom-esque red glob of frosting on the top. The cupcakes just wouldn't have been the same without it!

Sunday, Boyfriend and I hit the beach and then hung out for the fireworks that night. [Cue gratuitous shot of boyfriend on the beach]

The fireworks were marvelous. Asbury Park set off two separate, simultaneous displays on the beach about a block apart. We happened to pick a spot on the boardwalk that was directly behind one of the detination points. We were literally looking straight up at them. I'm not normally a big fan of fireworks. Mostly I find them noisy and rediculous, but these were mind-blowing.. and having Boyfriend an inch away certainly helped in the fireworks' favor.

It was a fabulous weekend, overall... even though I'm pretty sure I got sun poisoning. I'll probably be posting later.. Some goodies came in the mail today that I can't wait to share!

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