Monday, July 12, 2010

One Crazy Summer.

What a great movie. I adore John Cusack and I can honestly say it's the first and last time I've appreciated Demi Moore in anything.

It's also how I've been feeling a lot lately. This summer is nuts. There's been adventure, love, heartache, cliffhangers, drama, mystery... everything a good plot life needs to stay interesting (and keep me from sleeping).

I got a wonderful package of T-shirts from Threadless Tees last week that I'll have to model tomorrow but my most exciting new editions came from my dear friend over at EveryEskimo. Tillie arrived last week and, of course, I had to document her delivery!
Her box.. adorned with adorable polka-dotted tape! So cute. I swear, everything Regina does makes me want to squeal with joy.
Her little tissue paper! (Of course at this point, because Regina is so thorough and I was dizzy with over-excitement, it had just taken me 20 minutes to get the box open and get to this point. The suspense was killing me!)
And here she is! Itty bitty and packaged with care. She also came with some cute, hand cut tags, a vintage picture, and a personal note. There was some serious love in that box.
And last but not least, here is my EveryEskimo family portrait. Ickabelle and Everyone thinks I'm a Monster (whose name is actually Charles) are in the back row, my own custom made foundling rests in the middle, and Tillie and Shell (who was purchased for me by someone very special as a suprise) complete the picture in the front. I think Tillie looks practically ready to giggle in this picture, don't you?

It's always a pleasure doing business with Regina and I encourage anyone looking for some great vintage finds or an incredibly unique plushie to head over to her shop right away!
Speaking of shops.. mine has been a bit slow lately. As I said a few posts ago, I'm hoping to get some new patterns in there soon. Unfortunately, I have so many ideas at this point that I can't seem to just stick to one project at a time! I'm working on a cowl right now that I'm hoping to have finished within the week and I'll be starting something new tonight.. I also can't stop thinking about those Charley Harper needlepoint patterns. AND I still have to finish my suprise project..
Oh summertime. How I love you.

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  1. so very, very glad you loved your oeuflings! i love seeing your collection all together. glad you're smiling again darling! xo.