Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a bazaar weekend.

Pardon the poor wordplay, but that's how things have felt lately and that's what has been consuming my time. Bizarre, right?

I woke up last Wednesday morning with a terrible headache and a vile urge to throw up which could only mean one thing - the Bazaar was coming up (and that maybe my dear friend Paul and I had consumed a little bit too much rum the night before). I spent my next 4 days sweating and peddling dishes in Ocean Grove, New Jersey to support the Ladies Auxiliary of the Auditorium Ushers (quite the mouthfull, eh?). I was the youngest memeber to ever join when I first paid my dues at 13, but I had been working my own five and dime table at the Bazaar since I was 8. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many years I've done this, I'm never quite physically or emotionally prepared to spend all that time in the sun with my Grandmother who has quite the knack for inadvertantly pushing my buttons packing and lifting heavy boxes of dishes and dealing with cranky customers who think they shouldn't have to spend more than a quarter on anything.

On the upside, the Bazaar means good shopping! I always manage to bring home a menagerie of blankets, plushies and, of course, vintage dishes. There is way too much to be put in just one post so I'll be sharing them over the next few days as I get around to all the mending and washing and find homes for all the new arrivals. These are exciting times.

In other, totally unrelated news - as you all know, my boyfriend is moving soon and in his fervor to move boxes and get everything properly labeled, he got just a little carried away....

His impending move also needs I need to get a move on with my special project.. Hey, at least I know what I'm doing the next few days...

Tune in tomorrow for more Bazaar finds, updates on my current crochet projects and more teaser pictures of the super-secret project!

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