Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Part Two

Time to rejoice, people, the coral branches have officially been handed over to their new owner - and no, there isn't a trace of empty nest syndrom in sight in case any of you were wondering.. which I know you weren't because I'm way to scary to have any of you ask me a stupid question like that. Michael, the owner, loves loves loves them and is planning to set them up in his new display case dripping in jewelry within the next few weeks. So for all you Jersey residents, head down to Bodega in Asbury Park in a couple of weeks to see my beautiful work - and yes, they are beautiful.

As for the shop, it took me like 3 hours tuesday night to upload those pictures of the rings, but, according to Google Analytics (which I'm still not sure I'm reading correctly, but, I digress) they created alot of foot traffic which is the whole point. Also, I got a convo today from another Etsy seller telling me she included one of my Built In Grins in her Treasury.. woah. if that's not a compliment, I don't know what is. I'm hoping to get the sales back up though.. I just finished a new pattern for a Jelly Baby that I'm planning to make in Red, Orange, and Yellow. Those won't get posted until a prototype has been made for all three. So far I only have Red... but trust me, he's nothing to sneeze at. He will slay you with his cuteness.

AND in browsing through the craft books in my local Barnes & Noble, I had a brainstorm which, although I'm not totally comfortable talking about right now because I'm hugely paranoid and a complete basket case when it comes to talking about ideas before they're fully baked, I think is going to really sky-rocket the business..

Oh, and if it doesn't, I do have a fall back plan... I'm calling it "Closet Kitsch"
And the rest, guys and gals, I'm leaving to your imagination.

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