Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu.. ::sigh::

The next person that says they can't eat bacon because they might get swine flu from it is getting my foot up their ass... I mean, seriously people.. YOU CAN'T GET SWINE FLU FROM EATING MEAT - IT ISN'T MAD COW!! Gosh.

Ugh. Okay. Oddly, that acctually made me feel better.

In other news that isn't nearly as infuriating, I have some babies to post tomorrow on Etsy! I finished a new Kitschy Owl tonight and, just in time for Mother's Day, some crocheted sperm. Now before you all navigate away muttering things like "Ick" and "How vulgar!" lets all try to grow up a bit. It's a novelty gift - something to make you chuckle and blush - don't all pick up your pitchforks at once.

Look! They have little smiles! How could you possibly hate that? Look for them to be posted tomorrow - you get a group of three for $9.00.
I also have some raunchy embroidered items that should be posted later in the week. I seem to be on a kick lately - first closet kitsch, now sperm, next.. witty embroidery. Hopefully it will generate some sales as I seem to have hit a dry spell. ::sigh:: I need all the help I can get!


  1. Those are hilarious!!!!! I love them.
    I want to see your Kitschy Owl. I'm really into them right now. hehe. Let's name yours too.

    We could really have some fun and name the sperm. haha

  2. crazy love for the little wigglers! who wouldn't get a kick out of this? but then again, i make headless animals. off to check out your etsy shop...