Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Th Dark Ages

I haven't crocheted a scarf in almost 2 years. They were the first thing I learned to crochet and naturally that meant that I had to make 15 of them in any yarn I could get my hands on just to prove I could. The second I learned to crochet in the round though, I abandoned the scarf like one would an old childhood toy and haven't made one since.

I was commissioned recently to make red coral branches for a boutique in Asbury Park by a very nice man who I completely adore. Unfortunately, after spending much of yesterday trying to make a prototype it suddenly hit me that the object I was working on looked more like a heart valve than anything else. I was heart broken.. hell, I still am. And instantly I found myself looking to make something easy and comforting - something I knew I could do. I started a scarf today with a chained base of 15 sts. I'm double crocheting it using a J hook. It's a beautiful yarn I picked up in Pennsylvania over the weekend; my Grandmother fell in love with it and asked me to make her a scarf out of it. I agreed to do it thinking it nothing more than a bothersome chore to be done when I had a spare minute. I find it funny and completely ironic that it was the first thing I reached for when the coral went to hell.

Tomorrow I work on fixing the valve, or coral as it were. I may have to completely scrap what I have which I am not looking forward to. As of now, I've started a new romance novel which I expect I will be up tonight to finish if only to try and prolong the time between now and when I have to look at that wretched thing in the morning. Here's to burning the midnight oil.

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