Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portfolio Days

To start off, I should mention that by all rights I should be in college right now. Everyone I know is on their second semester at some university or another feeling like real adults. I'm not (at a college that is, I don't need to convince anyone of my adulthood - way too much effort and you look like an ass). Right now I'm plowing through the third season of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and trying to get in to college. I have an interview this thursday - I suppose I should be nervous. I'm not. Granted, I have to go into a room cold and try to peddle myself to a woman I've never met and hope to hell she gets it, but sitting here watching Hercules battle yet another monster to save yet another scantily-clad woman sort of puts it all in perspective. If Kevin Sorbo could convince someone to let him battle fake monsters and stand next to very busty women for a living, why shouldn't I be able to convince someone to let me make fake sheep or sew costumes? Right? Totally. Moving on.

Since my portfolio is totally finished - and bangin' if I do say so myself, I'm moving on to something I've been meaning to do for a while........ I'd ask for a drumroll but that wouldn't make anyone reading this feel like an adult, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be worth it.

Open up an Etsy shop.

Hold the applause, people, I'm a procrastinator, remember. But I am making a serious effort and I do have some acctual "stock" sitting around.

Adorable, I know. Thats Humpty Dumpty, by the by. There are a couple more gremlins to be dislodged from the innerworkings of this puppy before I get the site up and running, but I think it may just happen this time.

For now though, I'm going to get back to Kevin Sorbo and continue working on my latest project - a Hydra plush toy. I'm thinking Bernard as a name... or Kirk.

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