Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes it's all about Peanut Butter.

It's tough juggling a huge workload and a messy family. It tends to leave one drained, frustrated, and otherwise useless.. a state not entirely conducive to creativity. And considering I go to an art school, that poses a serious problem. Which is why I've decided to deem today a "Mental Health Day" and pop open a brand new jar of Jif. I have season 4 of Boston Legal all cued up and some drafting homework in front of me and I just finished some meditating and yoga. It's time to get some shit back on track.

I can't control my workload, only when I can get things done. I can't control the amount of pressure they're going to put on me, only how I respond to it. I can't control the actions or reactions of others, only how I much of it I choose to ignore. It seems all about choices these days. Choices to be more productive and less distracted, more confident and less stifled, more creative and less stressed; choices that are going to leave me happier and at peace.

But I can't make all of those choices today. Rome, or so I've been told, wasn't built in a day, and neither can the new, less-"I'm going to chuck you out a window" me. Today, however, I can decide to enjoy this jar of peanut butter and this spectacular season of Boston Legal. Today I can laugh and cry with Alan and Denny and comandeer a jar of peanut buttery sandwich spread and feel decadent and rediculous all at the same time. Today I can think about James Spader in a Coast Guard uniform and giggle when I picture him trying to do my lettering homework (still in uniform, of course). Today I can decide that those things are important, that those are the things that matter, and I can find joy in them.

Because, really, that's all life's about, right?
Living big and laughing often.

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