Saturday, September 25, 2010

Music and a reality check.

I really should be working right now...

Instead, I'm sitting here watching Juno and downloading tons 'o music courtesy of my friend Dave's suggestions. I really really really should be working. ::sigh::

It's an uncomplicated decision though; to work or not to work, to allow myself to be distracted or to buckle down and get some shit done. If only every decision were that simple. If only. I suppose I just live a complicated life.

This morning was decidedly uncomplicated though, as anything with my Boo, Paul, usually is. I got an adorable new t-shirt and a mustard colored (shocking, I know) scarf as we wandered around the crappy mall enjoying each other's company for the first time in weeks. My new philosophy of only surrounding myself with non-crappy people seems to be really working out, thankfully.

Anyway, work is calling me and I suppose I should answer. Maybe lettering and Greek costumes will be more distracting than the Mystery Jets, although I doubt it.

P.S. I want this bag. Badly. Seriously. Look at it. You know you want it too.

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