Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The morning after.

So shining in the sunlight this morning, the cactuses seem quite pleased with their new home. Just about as pleased as I am to be shining in the sunlight in my new t-shirt from It's adorable and grotesque - just how I like things.

(I was trying way too hard not to giggle in this picture.)

You know what else I like? Handlebar moustaches.
(As a side note, while I abhor Urban Outfitters for the gall they seem to have when it comes to pricing, they do have some adorable, unique, and semi-reasonable stuff.. especially in the adorable moustache department.) Today I decided to check out Etsy and see what moustache goodies were lurking around.

moustache bag

This adorable totebag from PaisleyMagic.

A light switch cover that looks like it stepped right out of a 1950's malt shop by julietew

moustache props

These fabulous moustache props courtesy of Whiskerworks.

Tom Selleck

And, my personal favorite, this all too-true keychain handmade by AnniePants. Because we've all thought about that moustache... whether we want to admit it or not.

So, whether Tom Selleck is your man, or Teddy Roosevelt is more your style, there are plenty of moustachy goodies available on Etsy.. trust me, I'm looking.

And I'm still resisting the urge to post a gratuitous boyfriend picture... even though he does have a moustache so it would be semi-appropriate... hmm.. He just shaved.. so much for that.. I suppose I'll have to find another flimsy reason to post one.

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