Monday, May 11, 2009

Woosh.. Star Trek

What a long and totally uninspiring week.

I started and stopped and restarted my follow-up Mortal Plush submission three times, I sketched and resketched my next Craftster challenge entry twice, AND I managed to come up with no (yes, I just said "no") new ideas. I hate weeks like that - they feel like such a waste! Lump on top of that the fact I haven't sold anything in nearly a month and I was just about ready to drown my sorrows in bags and bags of Reese's Pieces.

However! Thanks to copious amounts of Stargate:Atlantis, the release of Star Trek (which I went to see twice in a period of three days and wore my Captain Kirk shirt both times because I am, indeed, a total nerd), and way too many chocolate covered strawberries - I got my groove back. The plush is 1/3 finished, the challenge entry is designed and begun, AND, be prepared, because I will be doing a give-away this week.

More details to follow.. I may even amend this post later to include photos of the first stages of my new plush..

Look! Tentacles! and Mouth-Parts!

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