Monday, May 4, 2009

Of Mondays and Birthdays

So today was my Father's birthday... [Author's Note: For me that's sort of a loaded statement full of possible directions; I could talk about how his brothers and mother don't support him and how every holiday is a stark reminder of that, or how much fun we had walking around Kohls with a bunch of wierdos waiting for the restaurant we wanted to eat at to open, or how no matter how hard I try to make his birthday as special as possible, I never quite feel like I make it because his mind seems to always be on his aforementioned relatives. See? loaded.] I think that's all I'll say.

In other news, which is simultaneously annoying and exciting, the Mortal Plush deadline has been extended.. which means I can not only submit another entry but I can also have heart palpitations until June 22 when the official decision will be made.. So.. yes, it's exciting.. and, yes, totally terrifying as well. ::sigh:: At least I have some ideas.

In Lucy news, the voting begins on the 6th! As for the next challenge, I have some ideas for that as well... so we shall see. Glad it's only the beginning of the week - there's so much to be done!

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  1. I still LOVE Lucy!! I think she is great!!
    ~Michele from "It's in the Bag!"