Friday, January 21, 2011


I hate them.
Okay, well, maybe "hate" is a strong word. I'm "bothered" by most people, I wish I could "forcefully ignore" more people, I wish everyone I "didn't like" would just disappear into a hole forever... but if that happened, honestly, we'd probably be missing most of the population of Mason Gross.. and that would clearly be such a tragedy.

This isn't a new thing for me, but I feel like I'm being aggravated quite a bit lately by people and their nonsense and their whining and their needs. I mean, c'mon already, do I really give the impression that I care? Really? Me?!

Apparently I need to lay it out -
Your. needs. are. not. my. concern. If you're not relevent to my future, not adorable, not an obsessive Merlin fan, not toting a plush toy, or not Kate Black, I. don't. care.
I don't.
Don't confuse my ability to play the game for actual concern and if you're reading this and questioning if I actually like you, I probably don't. The people I love know that I love them. End of story.

I really hope I've cleared up some of the confusion now.

Now, I'm going to go read some fanfiction, work on a hat, and maybe, just maybe, get some sleep.... but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Sleep is for people who don't go to theatre school... or have Merlin obsessions.


  1. Have fun spending the rest of your life in a state of silent anger at everyone around you. That sounds like it would be a blast. You know, if you learn to love what you already have you will always be happy. That includes abandoning all this misanthropic bullshit.

  2. Oh okay - I'll just become you and troll the internet looking for blogs I can leave judgemental and condescending comments on anonymously because I don't have the balls to leave my name. Now that *really* sounds like it would be a blast.

  3. Merlin <3 :3
    I should really watch more of it, the few episodes I saw were pretty awesome to be honest.